Vehicle Fires: Use Caution Where You Park Your Vehicle

Image of severely burned Honda vehicle.Use Caution where you park your vehicle.

With tighter engine compartments, additional electronics and increased operating temperatures, our modern vehicles produce more heat, electrical shorts, and the potential for defects and subsequent vehicle fires is real. Modern technologies with the input from corporate bean counters cause engineering decisions to be implemented due to the bottom line. This thinking has caused many manufacturing defects resulting in vehicle fires.

All vehicles burn, with no exceptions. If you have a car, truck, RV, hybrid or pure electric vehicle they all are subjected thermal and electrical fires. Manufactures issue recalls for known issues, however even after repairs are made, some fires will still occur. Many electrical components remain hot all the time, (meaning the circuit is on even when the engine is off and the ignition key is removed.

Electrical fires can start at any time from shut down and even sitting for weeks after last operation. The fire potential after the vehicle was last used can thermally last for three to six minutes after parked from thermal heat. Never place an old carpet, newspaper or cardboard underneath a parked vehicle for any reason. On a monthly basis, check your Vehicle Identification Number within the manufacturer’s data base for TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins and recalls.

Not all fires are caused by the manufacture but can be attributed to recent repairs which were performed improperly or a replaced component was damaged by the technician or the part was defective when installed. If a fire starts, most vehicles will sustain a partial burn or will burn to completion.

If you park your vehicle near a structure or worse in your residential garage, you can and will burn down your home. If you park your vehicle in your residential garage don’t do it… Unless you have an overhead fire sprinkler system, a smoke detector and fire sensor which alerts family members within the residence with a loud alarm and lights. You can kill your family and burn down your home.

It’s your responsibility, always error on the side of caution.

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