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Sage Forensic Investigations, Inc. has engineers with the understanding and expertise to conduct thorough investigations into automotive product liability and failures.  We endeavor to have the investigation completed with a written report if requested within 7 business days or less.

When you really want to know what happened.

Automotive Failure Analysis:

  • Auto Body Repair Analysis
  • Component Failures
  • Fire Origin and Cause Analysis
  • Laboratory Analysis (Oils, Fluids)
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Mechanical Repair Analysis
  • Metallurgy Analysis (Microscopy)
  • Theft Determination
  • Tire Failures

Mechanical Failures Include:

  • Brake Failures
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Engine and transmission
  • Electrical
  • Sabotage to engines

What Sage Forensic Investigations Can Do…

Fire Investigations

Vehicle Fires

Sage Forensic Investigations provides expert fire analysis for the origin and cause of automotive fires. Our services include passenger vehicles, trucks, busses, motorcycles, motorhomes and heavy equipment vehicles. Our investigators are licensed private investigators with CVFI and CFEI certifications.

Structure and Commercial Building Fires

Sage Forensic Investigations, Inc. understands a rapid response time to fire loss is essential. We will be at most fire scenes within 24 hours of notification, including weekends. We acknowledge different types of fires require different types of fire reports. We offer trained and experienced personnel to preserve the scene and determine the Origin and Cause of your fire loss. Sage Investigations Inc. upholds the highest ethics and standards, insuring every assignment is thoroughly investigated per NFPA 921 Guidelines.

Image of burning home

Minor Impact Soft Tissue

This involves low impact collisions and bodily injury claims. Sage analysis will determine the speeds and forces and render expert opinions whether or not the impact and the claimed injury is consistent with the human tolerance to injury in minor vehicle collisions.

Expert Witness Services

We assist clients with preparation for deposition questions and compile a comprehensive report for depositions and court room testimony. Our investigators have court and deposition experience.

Tire Inspections

Tires fail for a number of reasons and can cause body damage to the vehicle and bodily injury to the occupants. Tire disablements can occur from mis-use or from manufacturing defects. Our investigators can determine failure modality.

Determining Previous Engine Damage or Wear

Many claims or failures occur before the final engine failure or damage. Sage, with our inspections and laboratory, can determine if the engine was failing prior and what caused the failure – in most cases without disassembly of the engine.

Air Bag Examinations

The deployment of air bags can occur from many causes. Sage Investigations has the equipment and expertise to download the data and determine if the air bag failed or operated as designed. We also can determine if an airbag should have deployed after a collision from body measurements.

Image of air bag deployment

Recovered Theft Burns

Arson continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the western world. Both incendiary and accidental fires need to be carefully investigated to determine not only the fire’s origin and cause, but the responsible party or contributing factor as well.

With the economy in a downturn, more vehicles are turning up stolen and burned. Sage Investigations can determine if the fire was set on purpose and examine the vehicle for alleged lock circumvention if locks are intact. All investigations are conducted pursuant to NFPA 921 guidelines.

Stolen Vehicles

Recovered vehicles can be inspected for lock circumvention including forensic lock inspections to determine if the locks were compromised. New vehicles utilize transponder systems and the systems can be examined to determine if circumvention occurred.

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