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Sage Forensic Investigations has been serving the insurance industry and law enforcement, as well as the public sector, since 1982. We investigate vehicle component failures including brakes, steering issues, engine and transmission failures and suspensions. We also perform fire origin and cause analyses on all types of vehicle fires.

Our Mission

To provide the utmost service with reliable scientific forensic investigations to all our clients.

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Investigation Services

– Fire Origin and Cause Analysis
– Air Bag inspections
– Tire Inspections
– Brake Failure
– Steering Failure
– Engine Failure
– Transmission Failure

Chevrolet Tahoe on fire - had a recall.Engine compartment fire after recent work. Tire belt separation. House fire directly caused by car in garage. Honda fire. Cause: after-market wiring. Fire occurred days after carburetor work. Water in fuel sample - owner neglect. Ice Cream shorted wiring. Bent shock due to improper jacking of vehicle. Unwanted acceleration. Accelerator pedal assembly on Toyota. Leaking brake fluid. Overheated brakes. Van explosion. Crash event download module. Tire bubble. Broken steering rack. Burning structure. Fire damage.

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Sage Forensic Investigations